chance (susiehomemaker) wrote in doghousetheatre,

im ivys sister (the babys mom)

ok... i have never been in theatre but i have been in the audiance bunches of times
now my critique for what i have seen of the play (only till cossette is given away)

(disclaimer: im not being mean, just posting what i see, i know a lot of what im going to say cant be changed but i want to say it so here i go and most of you will not read this but hell i dont care!!)

first off the prologe (beware of my many misspellings...ivy and i are related...its genetic) mr. j should have done it. nicole's dress is to loud/over powering, she is supose to be regal not a harlet (thats what the red looks like) if it was charcol or cobalt it would have been better. the french accent is a little to heavy, didnt understand 10-20 words,but atleast she is really trying, some of the fake french is too heavy (nicole) and some is not there at all (preacher) i wish you could all come to the same amount of frenchiness (of course i cant hear a fake french accent with out laughing, because it sounds, well, fake) justin is doing quite well as jean val jean, just the right amount of frenchiness but act more with your body!! (and you have a great costume) ivy:more feeling! your giving up your baby!!! marina, keep eli out of your face :) the audiance would like to see the deviousness of your plan. marina's hubby a little melodramatic but it works with your charecter, preacher very good, more frenciness would be nice but very good other wise (most believable charecterization) angie: good!! i expecialy like the peaking around when jean is brought in w/ the candle sticks!! your scratchiness in your voice (the little that is still there) that you were worried about actualy helps your charecter, it makes you seem more warry of jean. eli quit squirming and dont talk!!

i know i couldnt do a better job then you all i just felt like saying what i was thinking.

let the onslaught of bitterness begin!!
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