in love at first sight... (princessnicki) wrote in doghousetheatre,
in love at first sight...

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i can see you all are friends...well atleast you act together...

first off i'd like to introduce myself...
i'm nicki my friends call me princess nicki its an honor to be theatre royalty at my school... next i am a second year theatre major at GCC (grayson county college)don't let the community college status lead you wrong..we have a strong theatre department...out tech director is a well-known lighting designer who works all over the US at A level theatres and has even done lights at a few shows on broadway...and our acting director is also from A theatres and is wonderful...we have a huge department for our size school 50 theatre majors plus a few "groupies" that audition for shows... i'm glad to see that you guys are really serious about acting...and that you are working pays off when it comes time to get scholarships..we have kids from all over the US that come to school here at grayson..and most with serious keep up the good work and i wish you all the luck on your plays in the future...
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