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Today's after school work party

made 1600 copies, 50 posters, and folded 205 programs today. then I went to see what was getting done down on the stage, and there was not a single person there? The stairs were left unpainted, hell... even Mr J was gone.

I don't care to hear any excuses at all... I'm pissed. There's so many people complaining about this show, and they don't do a damn thing to benefit it.

And I want to say thanks to the people who did get something done today. Ivory worked very hard on finishing the program today, Christi helped me with the programs a little, Justin and TJ went and bought shackles... but that's only 4 people, where the hell was everyone else?

Perhaps I missed everyone, because I didn't go down there til 4:30? I don't think that's it, since nothing was done. Someone correct me if I missed something here....
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